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Garrett Lee

There has never been a more true statement than “the more you give, the more you get” and it’s a phrase that’s stayed with me throughout my personal and work life to this day. The way you create true friendships is by exceeding the standard of what a friend is to someone. The way you receive a big tip at a restaurant is by making someone’s experience more than just a meal. Exceeding expectations is the key to creating lasting and meaningful relationships in any field and it is the most important aspect of what I strive for everyday.

I began my working career in the restaurant industry at 15 years old starting as a dishwasher. It’s there you learn the true meaning of “getting your hands dirty”. As the unsung hero of the restaurant industry you learn very quickly that while it is a far from glamorous job and often times a thankless one, it is as integral a role as any. Playing high school football taught me discipline, grit, and a never quit attitude that eventually translated into my work life as well. I rose from dishwasher, to busser, to server, and then finally to bartender before making the switch into the real estate industry in my late 20’s. I knew that I wanted to continue in an industry that was based around giving and listening to people’s desires, truly hearing them, and then meeting or exceeding what they were expecting to find in that experience. Real estate fit perfectly. This industry has allowed me to create meaningful relationships based around major milestones in people’s lives and it’s been extremely rewarding because of that.

You might not remember who served your last meal, but I bet you remember who helped with your last home purchase. While it can be an exciting time, it can also be a stressful one, so taking special care in exceeding clients expectations throughout the process is something I value and take great pride in. Communication, honesty, and dedication are some of the key values I bring to your kitchen table every time I get there.

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